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"On behalf of BIH I wanted to thank you for your work and help on the Fourth and Peach Project. I appreciate the care and workmanship you contributed to its overall success.

Palm Construction and other contractors and professional people have helped in a very real way the first nine families that now live there. Over the next thirty years, hundreds of families will benefit from your work.

Again, thank you."

-John Plummer, President
 Bozeman Interfaith Housing, Inc

Construction in Big Sky

"Concerning the performance of Palm Construction on the Dairykeep Project for Bozeman Interfaith Housing:

Palm Construction submitted the low bid on public notice format for this project which is partially funded by a HUD HOME Grant. General and subcontract construction has proceeded on schedule and within original budget parameters, despite the winter season. I would add that all changes and updates have been instigated by management, design team and mechanical suppliers. All price changes have been reasonable and the project has stayed on schedule.

Communication between general contractor, employees and subcontractors with the design team has been open, cordial and has resulted in a smooth and rapidly progressing project.

The quality and craftsmanship has been met with admiration by all involved with the project."

-Robert Burda, AIA
 Hess-Burda Design

Construction in Big Sky


DairyKeep Apartments
Bozeman Interfaith Housing, Inc.
4th and Peach
Bozeman, Montana

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