Big Sky Builders and General Contractors. Baker Creek builds custom log homes and timberframe homes in Big Sky, Montana.
Baker Creek Log Homes Construction in Big Sky, Montana
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"Communication between general contractor, employees and subcontractors with the design team has been open, cordial and has resulted in a smooth and rapidly progressing project.

The quality and craftsmanship has been met with admiration by all involved with the project."

-Robert Burda, AIA
 Hess-Burda Design


Planning and Scheduling
We meet with the Owner to review their architectural plans and consider permitting, geo-technical issues and site conditions. We consider all available budget, schedule and value engineering factors that will allow the client to meet their budget goals. We then prepare a preliminary budget and schedule. We meet again to review these.

When the approved construction plan set and specifications are received, we finalize the project cost and time line. We provide the Owner with a detailed performance schedule which illustrates the project's milestones and ties these to the schedule of payments. This provides the Owner with the information necessary to monitor and assess the progress at any stage.

Communication and Performance
Our priorities during the construction phase are schedule, performance and communication. Weekly progress meetings are held to ensure that project milestones continue to be met. It is here that any Owner-driven changes are planned and incorporated into the project, contingent upon Owner's approval. The Owner is copied with the weekly progress meeting notes and receives weekly photographic updates that can be viewed at a dedicated website. This is particularly useful to Owners who reside out of the area. Communication is the key to a successful project.

Punch List and Warranty
Upon completion, Owner, Architect and Builder meet and review any outstanding punch list items. These are addressed and their satisfactory completion governs the release of the project's Certification of Completion.The warranty period begins upon final acceptance of the project and extends for two years after this date. During this period, we encourage our clients to monitor the performance of their home and to keep us informed of any fine-tuning that may be needed. Any such items are handled immediately.

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